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5 April

Use Photography to Your Advantage

There are thousands of properties being listed every day, so how will you make yours stick out? Many agents take a few pictures from their smartphones or a point-and-click camera, but this is not enough. We want to show you why professional photography is important and how you can change your own real estate game.


At the lowest, 77% of the silent generation uses websites to find their information in their home search, while millennials use this technique 99% of the time. If your pictures are not professional quality, you’re deterring a large portion of potential interests before they’ve even visited the property. This greatly increases with high-end properties gaining an average of $110k more. Not only will you impress potential buyers, but you will also impress clients.

With the help of professional photography, you will impress your current customers. They will appreciate the time and quality of work you have given them. This will also turn over to potential clients seeing the photos associated with your listings. If a client is trying to decide between two agents, they are more likely to go with the one with professional photography. Beautiful images will serve as a form of photography portfolio and showcase what you can do for other sellers. Make these pictures part of your brand. Be known as the agent with stunning photos. Market yourself and the listings through these beautiful imageries. Don’t forget that these pictures can make great visuals for your website and social media platforms as well.


Different Ways to Use Photography to Your Advantage

To start off, if photography is not your forte, don’t do it. Leave it up to a professional to take pictures which means you can put your own energy into other aspects of your business. When they’ve taken all the proper shots, they will simply send you the files and you can integrate them into your listings. If you consider photography to be a skill of yours, then try these easy tips and new methods to take your pictures one step further.

Drone photography is a new idea from a few years ago, however, it has been slowly growing. Jump on this bandwagon and you’ll be increasing your client views and the time they spend on your website, meaning more traction. Drone photography (and video) is an innovative way to take different shots of a property that you may not have gotten without one. The idea is to have a budget-friendly but a high-quality option that allows for a creative view of your listing. Drones give you the option to see properties from up high, give clients a view to its surroundings, and create a buzz in general. The fact that your listing contains drone imageries makes people want to talk about the listing.

Another cool way to make your listing stand out is by including a virtual tour. Virtual tours allow clients to view your home before actually visiting. This is a great tool especially for people who need to buy or rent a house without having the ability to visit the property beforehand. This disruptive innovation is very effective since it allows for clients to visit a property whenever they want, with who they want, and revisit it as many times as they want.

There are so many ways to take your photography to the next level. If using new technology isn’t an option, ensure to keep the picture-ready room free of clutter, full of light, and with the ambiance you want. The main goal is to keep your rooms organized and with little personality so that the clients viewing the image can imagine themselves in the space. Once your place is ready, you can take time with your photography to capture the perfect images.

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