Become a one-stop-shop for all things real estate. The multiple listing service (MLS) integration ensures, buyers and sellers find the most up-to-date data on your website and your website alone. Our powerful system pulls data from all over the web, but makes you the only point of contact, no matter where the listing came from.

Never Miss a Beat

The MLS integration will be updated and maintained in real-time, creating less work for you and more utility for buyers and sellers. You also have the freedom to add your own listings, as well as listings that are “featured” or “coming soon.” No matter where the data comes from, buyers will never have to leave your website to search for homes and ads for other Realtors will never appear. This system creates a one-stop-shop of the most current data for you and your buyers. Consistent with every other aspect of your iCatch Realtors website, the MLS integration is mobile friendly and easy to use.

Unlimited Media Content

Some listings come with only a couple photos, while others include several photos, videos and other media content. Your iCatch Realtors website will accept either of these situations with the MLS integration. The amount of photo, video and data content that comes with a listing will never be cut short, ensuring your buyers get a full picture of the information available to them. Furthermore, you can decide which image to feature front and center or upload additional images if the MLS listing doesn’t show enough.

Customized IDX

The MLS integration includes customized internet data exchange, (IDX) to make searching easier for buyers and sellers. This integration allows people to narrow their searches to the listings most relevant to them by modifying specific data points. Instead of putting them through the drudgery of sifting through properties out of their budget or in locations they are not interested in, IDX presents only the most relevant listings. Creating an easy way to search is a powerful way to ensure people keep coming back to your real estate website.

Property Search Results

The “current properties” feature organizes buyer’s home searches by their preferred specifications on the city, property type, pricing, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Those who are more particular can factor in additional advanced search options, such as being a one-story home; minimum year built; and having a garage, fireplace, or pool. By allowing buyers to easily pinpoint properties they’ll love, you’re more likely to become their agent.

Quick Search

Searching for properties on your iCatch Realtors websites is a simple, fast task that makes organization easy for both buyers and sellers alike. The real estate process can seem daunting to those who need to enter it, especially if they’re first-time sellers or buyers, so having a search tool tha’s easy to understand and nice to look at will encourage its increased use.

Saved Search Pages   

Creating an account on iCatch Realtors allows buyers and sellers to create and manage saved searches and individual properties that they like through the property organizer, leaving them right where they left off. This makes it much simpler for them to continue the real estate process without too much hassle from interruptions or accidental misplacement of helpful results.

Visitor Registration 

When new potential clients visit your website, they can register their name, phone number, and email address to make navigating the website much easier. With an account, they’re able to keep track of any searches that were yielding results they want or any properties they want to look into further. This simplifies their experience and makes the real estate process much less stressful.  

Customized Lead Capture   

The more people who visit your website, the more potential leads you’ll get. Regularly creating and posting relevant and helpful content to your website will increase your traffic as well as target the audience you need. We will import your leads, allocate them to your team and divide them into location-based categories.

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