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15 October

Establish Your Strengths and Market Them Off

Real estate agents heavily lie on recommendations and reputations to gain new business. This means that figuring out what your strengths are and marketing them off is crucial to gaining traction and making leads. We’ve gathered several skills that are important to real estate agents and a few that potential buyers look for in a successful realtor. In being able to master these skills, people will notice the quality of business provided and will recommend you to their network, creating a bigger possible audience for you.


Become a Great Negotiator

If you’ve chosen to be a real estate agent but are not talented when it comes to negotiations, this will become a problem. Negotiation is important in real estate dye to having to debate listing prices, selling prices, and your commission. A successful negotiator will find the best possible prices and middle ground for all parties involved. Your goal should be to buy properties for the lowest amount possible, sell them at the highest possible, make a great amount of commission, all while keeping the parties happy and wanting to do business with you again. Being able to negotiate well may take some practice, however, the sooner you establish this skill, the better the outcome of your deals for all.


Build a Network

Without having a network of connections, being in real estate is extremely hard. Networking doesn’t only mean attending specific networking events. Creating a network can be done anywhere and anytime. Part of being a great real estate agent is becoming a community expert (see next tip), and in doing so, you get to know the citizens and business owners from your company. By knowing your neighbors and local owners, you’ll grow your own platform by getting access to their networks too. There’s a reason why LinkedIn is a huge networking platform; it’s because it works. People who connect with each other, make a purpose for the relationship, and show interests in each other’s accomplishments, wind up recommending each other in conversations to peers. Be friendly and professional to people you meet, exchange information, and you’ll be surprised how far it can get you.


Become a Community Expert

A community expert is someone who is knowledgeable of a particular neighborhood and people view as the go-to person for any questions they may have. By establishing yourself as a community leader, you will stay relevant in people’s minds, meaning you will increase your chances for leads. We’ve created a whole post around the subject of how to become a community expert, however, the main things to remember is that you need to know the ins-and-outs of the neighborhood. Know the numbers, know the good places, the bad ones, the popular events, and the people in the community.  By knowing all this, when people then need a real estate agent or want to recommend one, they’ll remember that you’re the expert and they must, therefore, need you when it comes to choosing the right place for them.


Make a Presence, Online and Off

Just like building a network is important, making a strong presence is important as well. Beginning by building a strong platform online through a stunning, functional, and informative website. With this, people will be able to gain information through your resources and it will create a place client will want to revisit. In extension to a website, create social media pages. Whether you opt to create a Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or make use of other platforms, the idea is to stay relevant and build relationships with people (further helping to build a network). In doing so, you are able to update your past, current, and future clients about your new listings, community events, and your own accomplishments. You shouldn’t stop just there though. Remember that being friendly and showing your personality through your platforms is just as important as maintaining this personable persona when you meet people outside of work hours and in person as well.


Being able to develop these skills may not be something you’ll achieve right off the bat, however, the better you become at them, the more success you’ll get. By knowing your skills, or which ones you lack, you’ll be able to market yourself off better, and in turn, clients and peers will keep you relevant for potential leads in the future.

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