Branded Email Updates

Email updates personalized with your branding imagery will be sent out on a regular basis and if an activity has occurred to keep clients and prospects updated with the current market situation, such as new or sold listings or if there have been any price changes. Your subscribers will receive mobile-friendly emails with property details that lead them to your website and allow them to easily save listings relevant to their search. It’s valuable communication for them, and you’ll have access to analytics about which emails were sent and which clients clicked through or saved properties.

Listing Alerts

Sifting through the new properties that constantly hit the market can be tedious, especially when your clients have specific needs to meet. Your website will eliminate this challenge by sending automatic alerts when new properties enter the market that meet their designated needs. Your alert will be the first line of communication to let buyers know that a property has hit the market with the specific location, price range, square footage, etc. that they’re looking for. It will direct them to your personal content on the site to encourage them to entrust you with showing them ideal listings. You can set up your prospects with listing alerts or they can do it themselves, a process that includes deciding how regularly alert emails should be received.


We believe branded email updates are of paramount importance when building relationships with clients. Providing timely, quality solutions shows buyers that you are a trustworthy source of information. You’ll become their premiere resource for property shopping as you eliminate any need for them to leave your site. Featuring a customizable header that shows your personal branding, each email reinforces your status as someone they can trust.

the Deal

Building trust through useful, targeted data increases your conversion rate. If people don’t find exactly what they’re looking for the first time on your site, they’re likely to visit again once alerted of a property that matches their specific wants and needs. Each repeated visit to your site by a buyer increases the chances of that clients will engage your services.

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