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15 November

Building a Connection between Realtor and Customer

Establishing a relationship between the customer and realtor is a very important step that can easily be forgotten. Not only is it important during the actual buying or selling process, however it is important to maintain this relationship after the deal closes as well. When speaking to potential or current leads, your relationship helps market your strengths and prove yourself as the community expert. Once you’ve closed a deal, the relationship helps to bring in new clients as they refer people back to you, and if they ever need to buy or sell again, they’ll want to work with you again. But how do you build this strong relationship that you can then keep?


Care for Your Clients

Caring for your clients goes a long way. When you demonstrate that you understand what they need and want, they will see that you put your clients first rather than yourself. In doing so, clients will feel that their outcome and their happiness that comes with closing a deal is more important to you than just the money you’ll receive in return. In addition, if you understand what the client is asking for, you will be able to better provide to them. You’ll be able to bring them into appropriate homes or neighborhoods and give them all the facts they need.


Provide Value

There is something precious in providing value for your past, present, or future leads, that they may not find elsewhere. There are many platforms you can do this on. Having an online presence is the easiest, which means you’re building your brand in the online space. Update your social media and provide great resources to your following. Make your website clear and user-friendly, providing them with any information that they may need to know when buying from you or in a particular area. Add people to your mailing list and update them on your upcoming open houses, law changes, and any other relevant information. The idea is to provide as much value as possible so that you’ll become the expert and people will want to know more from you.


Stay Connected

Being able to stay connected is the easiest way to uphold a relationship. Whether you choose to pick up the phone and call them, adding them to your mailing list, or sending them a postcard. These are all great ways to keep you in the minds of the customers, staying relevant. Phone calls allow a voice to be heard which is a personal touch you won’t get in other mediums. Sending them personal emails (and adding them to your mailing list) means you can send them reminders of upcoming events in their neighborhood, your own gatherings, or business accomplishments. Postcards are easy and there’s a reason why they’ve been sent out for years. A personally handwritten and addressed letter or card shows a little more effort and care. Consider sending out a card for someone’s birthday or for the holidays. They act as a reminder that you’re still around and that you still care.


There are many ways to build a connection between yourself and your clients, however, it does require a little extra effort that will be well worth in the future. These connections you make will allow for a more friendly and equal relationship when you make a deal with them. Maintaining this relationship after the deal closes improves chances for them to come back to you for their future needs and for referrals to be established.

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