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15 June

Make the Most out of Open House Events

Open house events give potential buyers a chance to showcase what’s for sale in a few short hours. In order to get the most out of each event, proper planning needs to be executed well ahead of time.


Get the Word Out

Prior to the event, your goal should be to share the news about your upcoming event in as many platforms as you can in order to bring in as many people as possible the open house. The traditional social media posts and emails are an obvious and easy way to get the word out, however, consider going the old-fashioned route and send postcards as well. Postcards allow you to announce the date for the next event and specifically target certain neighborhoods or demographics. Consider posting out signs a few days before the event as well to inform those who pass by that a listing will be open for viewing shortly.


Gather Information

Once you have people coming into the property, it is not enough to simply interact with the visitor. Some people choose to have a sign-in sheet so that visitors can enter their information and now you, as the real estate agent, have their information to inform them on this property’s and future listing’s information. In order to modernize this process, allowing visitors to sign in on a tablet or your smartphone so that the information is directly assembled neatly into a CRM.


Make the Listing Inviting

There are many ways to create a more welcoming environment for potential buyers, which start at the front door. Instead of ditching the front door and starting the décor inside the house, make a great first impression by adding a fun décor piece or a plant. Once you arrived inside, make the place smell great, easily done by providing food. Baking cooking, buying donuts, or if possible, organizing a catered lunch, will provide your guests with a warm and cozy feel in the house, better being able to place themselves in the home, and now visitors will be able to snack on something. Make as many good impressions as possible.

In addition to food for guests and a welcoming environment, keep the rest of the décor as simple as possible. Your goal should be for each guest to be able to envision themselves in space. This means ensuring that the house has as little personality as possible. Keep the rooms tidy with minimal décor.


Make it An Experience

Remember that a lot of your visitors are likely going to many other open houses in addition to yours. In order to close a deal, you need to make your property one to remember compared to the others. A good way to do this is to turn your open house into an event. Depending on your budget, get a catered lunch for your guests. Food attracts visitors to your listing and the good experience they’ll have will keep them wanting more.

If your open house event is during the holidays, get your visitors to invite their friends and family. This allows for people to have a great time in the listed house and the potential buyers can envision hosting their own parties in the home. Another idea is to set up a theme for the open house. If your home is an adorable Spanish style home, consider putting on matching music and catering festive food to suit the event. The better the experience for your guests, the more positive buzz you create towards your event, your listing will stand out to the guests, and you will develop a good reputation between buyers and sellers.


Open houses are often overlooked and kept too simple. Simply inviting guests in, scrolling on your phone waiting for guests to come in, and lingering around the guests awaiting answers is just not the fun and welcoming environment you want. Make each open house an event suitable for your budget, but do it well.


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