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15 July

Importance of Incorporating Videography and Ways to Do So

Creating a great online listing includes beautiful photography, however, have you ever considered incorporating videos in your listings as well? A lot of people assume that only luxury homes will benefit from incorporation videography, but, this is false.


Let’s Talk Numbers

Including videos in your real estate agency allows for website visitors to engage more with the platform. With the use of interactive videos, the time people spend on your site will increase which keeps you more relevant in searches. Home listings incorporating videos also attract four times as many inquiries than those without video inclusion. This also increases marketing effectiveness if you’ve opted to include videos in email newsletters, social media, or other platforms. Including videos also means you’re drawing in customer attention and keeping your brand modern and fun.

Just remember, your video’s quality must be well done. If you’re choosing to add videography to your portfolio, make sure the image, sound, editing, and all other aspects are high quality. If you’re putting out a video just to have one, you might end up hurting your brand image rather than helping it with video.


Ways to Include Videography

A great way to include videos is by adding a digital tour to the online listing. This allows customers who may not be local to the city to be able to purchase a listing without visiting it. This also allows for clients to revisit properties whenever they want and as many times as they want, but online.

Embellishing listing promotions with a 360° is another great way to get clients intrigued by what you have to show them. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube support this file type. When you promote an upcoming open house event or newly posted listing, try incorporating these 360° videos that allow guests to truly feel as though they are in the home before stepping foot in it.

Another option is to include videos of the neighborhood. Give potential buyers a feel for close by homes, shops, restaurants, and activities. The idea is to provide a fun and welcoming vibe digitally that allows visitors to get a feel for the local area. According to Inman, 86 percent of people will watch videos touring a neighborhood to get a better idea of life in that community.

Don’t limit to the use of videos just for your listings. Including a video to your website to explain certain topics can be a fun and interactive way for your potential clients to learn more about you, your agency, or certain real estate topics (laws, neighborhoods…). Including a short and sweet welcome video to the site can allow for a great first impression to the site. Another option is that instead of including a lengthy about us section to your site, upload a video so that customers can truly see your personality through the screen.

Videography doesn’t have to just be your typical recording a video and posting it, it could also be live and interactive. Have you ever looked at your favorite business owner and wished you could ask them questions directly about themselves or their business? Creating a live video stream as a real estate agent means potential clients can get all their answers on the spot while answering potential duplicate questions all at once.


The idea is to have updated and high-quality videos that represent who you are as a brand. Through these videos, potential clients can interact with what you have to provide and get great user experience. This further builds a great reputation for customers to want to come back and share your content.

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