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15 August

How the Real Estate Agency is Being Modernized

As a real estate agency, your main goal is to attract potential buyers. You want people to visit your website, open houses, and social media. The more attractive your online presence is, the better your agency will do. With the intense use of internet and technology, it’s more important than ever to stay up to date with current trends to stay relevant in the minds of potential clients. We’ve gathered 3 ways to modernize your real estate agency today.


Photography and Videography

If you haven’t taken the time to capture and develop high-quality photos and videos, you’re missing out on a lot of potential. Including these items to not only your listing but also your website, keeps your potential buyers intrigued by your brand and what you have to offer. The more visually pleasing content you have, the longer people will stay lingering on your platforms, creating more potential for leads. Explore our separate posts on the advantage of photography and how you can easily incorporate videos into your brand. These are basic ways to provide digital content to your audience while increasing customer attention.


Social Media

Social Media adds another way for customers to feel close to you and what you have to offer. It offers a way for customers to stay connected with you and establish a relationship with your brand. Post your listings on different social media sites, promoting your new properties and upcoming open house events. Use social media to inform your followers of relevant information as well, such as new laws or new loan programs they may be interested in. The goal is to provide relevant content for the readers that makes them want to learn more about you and revisit your page in the future.

A twist on the traditional media post is by using other features such as live video streaming on Facebook which you can use to answer buyer questions or inform them on exciting news. You can also jump on Instagram stories or Snapchat to offer clients a glimpse into your day-to-day activities. Clients are more likely to buy from people they know or have developed a strong relationship with. Social media allows just that, a more interactive and personal way of staying connected with your followers.


Know Your Audience

If your agency’s focus is on an entire city, it will be very hard for you to reach your desired audience. Instead, divide up your website between neighborhoods and consider designated social media channels. For example, your Facebook page could be for your San Diego-based agency, however, your website will divide up between Point Loma, Pacific Beach, and La Jolla. This allows for potential buyers to know directly where to go to once they are on your site, instead of getting frustrated on not finding their designed locations.

You could also create Instagram pages for that particular neighborhood alone. This allows you to post about, say, listing in Pacific Beach, along with current events and activities happening in that neighborhood. This way, when visitors come across your page, they know exactly what to expect. In return, you know the demographics of your followers. Each neighborhood may have a different audience attraction, so by dividing up your social media or websites accordingly, you can target the audience more appropriately.


The idea is to do what you can stay on top of the trends so that you can get the word out about your services. You can also, in turn, build better relationships with your past, current, and potential future clients due to the connections you build through the use of technology.

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